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Episode #4 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the balance of power and how it relates to the recent election. 2020 brought with it a huge expansion in government overreach in its allowance of violence, its mandate to force business closures, and response to the evidence of alleged election fraud. The balance of power for the three branches laid out in the Constitution is critical to right these wrongs, and is sadly waning. Today, Barry Farah describes a concept he calls “the tripod.” This concept displays how the executive, legislative, and judicial branches – or departments as Madison refers to them in the Federalist papers – all have individual roles, but are critically interdependent on each other. If one branch oversteps or abdicates their responsibilities, tyranny is inevitable. The 2020 election reveals numerous examples of voting misconduct and if the roles of our government are not upheld, we will never know if the results are an honest representation of who won. Join us in today’s episode as Barry Farah describes exactly how government roles are being abdicated in this election just days before Congress reviews the electoral college votes.