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Episode #12 – In this episode of Culture Shift, Barry Farah explains the real secret of success. Many best-selling books and speakers have covered the topic of success. Barry unveils the importance of America in establishing an environment of economic freedom that unlocked the potential for success never before seen in history. Individual liberty was first acknowledged in government in the 1200s through the Magna Carta, and in the Bible when God created man and woman to be productive. Barry Farah shares the story of his grandad’s immigration to the United States in the early 1900s and his patriotism as a child. Economic freedom is personal to each of us and Barry makes the point that we own our own labor. Government is to govern at the consent of the governed, and we are to be free to produce and not have our rights to our own productivity infringed. Barry Farah makes the point that this is the American Dream, and it is unique in the world. We have the right to pursue our own happiness and that right is granted to us by God, not the government. Barry ends this episode with a game you can play to capture the essence of the free market game you can play to capture the essence of the free market.