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Barry Farah

Barry Farah is the founder and host for the Barry Farah Show. Barry started, acquired, built, and exited eleven companies. He founded and served as CEO for B2B professional services, technology – including a company that delivered data, analytics consulting, and IT talent solutions to corporations – in addition to hospitality companies and commercial developments. He is currently a deal advisor and developer. Barry has consistently provided his investors with double and triple-digit ROI.

Barry credits his business success to wise capital allocation strategies and the principles articulated in his three successful business and leadership books: Customer Success: The Spirit of Enterprise Throughout the Ranks, The Magic Wand, Creating Exceptional Customer Experience.

Barry speaks on customer success, customer experience, and selling with integrity because he believes business can serve a transcendent purpose. He has also authored several op-eds and spoken to groups on the foundations of the American Dream, Freedom Economics, and the American Idea.

Barry has been married since 1983 and has two successful adult children. He ran for Governor of Colorado in 2018. He is an active outdoorsman, pilots himself around the country, and resides in the great state of Colorado.