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Cancel Culture

How to Kill Cancel Culture

By Cancel Culture, Free Speech, Freedom

Episode #31 – In this episode, Barry Farah reveals the short-lived political victory that occurred with the defeat of political correctness. Radicals on campus grew and fought back. As self-segregation and safety have taken the place of truth and debate, development has been stunted in young adults. Learn how Gen Y (known as Millennials) feels about conflict and its results. In addition, Barry presents the reasons for Cancel Culture on campuses today through a character from history, Galileo. Cancel culture is frail and cowardly but it has spread into every sphere of life. Find out Barry’s dozen initiatives that could lead to canceling cancel culture (C cubed) if you engage to make it happen.

Leftist Bias & Persecution in Schools: GenZ Interviews

By Cancel Culture, Censorship, Persecution

Episode #26 – Barry Farah interviews six student leaders at Turning Point USA’s 2020 Student Action Summit. These GenZ leaders share their experiences of being persecuted for their conservative beliefs. Teachers and administrators in public schools across the country dox and shame these students while openly embracing and promulgating leftist ideology and canceling conservative and Christian ideas and lifestyle. You won’t want to miss these stories the stories of these student leaders who stand strong in the face of this opposition.

Down the Memory Hole

By 1984, Cancel Culture, Freedom, Government

Episode #10 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the “memory hole” where embarrassing information gets incinerated. This was first showcased by George Orwell in the novel, 1984. Barry describes the memory hole in light of a recent attempt by some U.S. senators to quash the testimony and otherwise erase the evidence presented by other Senators related to the 2020 election. In addition to Big Tech assuming the role of thought police (see a previous episode for more) by removing evidence from interested citizens on its platforms Barry Farah shows how frightening dots are being connected between George Orwell’s book written in 1949 and actual efforts by US Senators today.

The Power of Free Speech

By Cancel Culture, Free Speech, Freedom, Politics

Episode #3 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry talks about the first two freedom rights within the first amendment: the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. When it comes to sharing ideas, the “cancel culture” phenomena has already begun muting our abilities to speak freely. Yet, the power to speak is one of the greatest gifts God gave us, because it’s one of his greatest strengths. When God created everything, he did so not by physical exertion, but by speaking. As humans made in the image of God, we bear that same power. I hope you enjoy today’s episode as we discuss the harm in repressing speech and endorsing dishonest journalism. Without the freedom of speech, we will not only cease to live in a government ordered by the people, but it will remove the God-given power of spreading our own ideas.