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Unmasked: CDC’s Mask Mandate Ruled Unlawful in Court

By CDC, COVID, Executive Orders, Freedom

Episode #73 – People have been required to wear masks in airports, train stations, on airplanes, buses, and other means of transportation. If you failed to comply you could go to jail, be fined, or, at minimum, be removed from your seat on the bus, train, or plane.  Two brave women and the Health Freedom Defense Fund blew the whistle on the unlawful mask mandates across the U.S. and brought the legal fight directly to the CDC. In a powerful court ruling, Federal Judge Kathryn Mizel ruled the mask mandate overstepped the authority of the CDC and violated the process required for rule-making defined in the Administrative Procedure Act. In this episode, Barry Farah explains the court case and the effects on our freedom.

CDC: Hyper Control Didn’t Reduce Much

By CDC, COVID, Hypercontrol

Episode #23 – In Episode 23 of Culture Shift, Barry Farah’s takes a look at a recent report from the CDC with an explicit data-based admission that the campaign to control people was not that effective. In fact, the mask mandates did little to impact the COVID death rate. Rather, a much-ignored factor in the worldwide death rate recently saw the light of day, and that is the connection between obesity and mortality. Barry Farah quotes the CDC itself as he shines a spotlight on the failure of masks and other hyper-controlling mandates that have had little impact on how the pandemic has played out over the last year.