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Unmasked: CDC’s Mask Mandate Ruled Unlawful in Court

By CDC, COVID, Executive Orders, Freedom

Episode #73 – People have been required to wear masks in airports, train stations, on airplanes, buses, and other means of transportation. If you failed to comply you could go to jail, be fined, or, at minimum, be removed from your seat on the bus, train, or plane.  Two brave women and the Health Freedom Defense Fund blew the whistle on the unlawful mask mandates across the U.S. and brought the legal fight directly to the CDC. In a powerful court ruling, Federal Judge Kathryn Mizel ruled the mask mandate overstepped the authority of the CDC and violated the process required for rule-making defined in the Administrative Procedure Act. In this episode, Barry Farah explains the court case and the effects on our freedom.

Biden Walks Away…Again

By COVID, Economy, Joe Biden, Military

Episode #55 – Time and time again, the world has watched Biden walk off stage after his speeches before answering any questions from the press. His turn-and-run approach has left important questions unanswered. In this satirical episode, Barry Farah presents hard-hitting questions and answers them as Biden might if the president engaged with the press.

Right to Religious Exemption

By COVID, Religion, Vaccine

Episode #52 – In this episode, Barry Farah presents the strong case for the right to a religious exemption from the COVID vaccine. Learn the defining principles of religious freedom that are protected in the U.S. Constitution and how it is being violated through the COVID vaccine mandates.

Studies Reveal Natural Immunity is better than Vaxx

By COVID, Freedom, Vaccine

Episode #48 – In this episode, Barry Farah takes a deep dive into recent studies on COVID immunity conducted by world-renowned medical centers and by highly respected immunologists. Despite the attempts of medical bureaucrats to stifle all scientific studies that challenge their narrative, this episode with its biological and immunological detail on natural immunity vs. vaxx immunity is a must-listen.


Vaccines: A Decision-making Model

By COVID, Freedom, Vaccine

Episode #47 – In this episode, Barry Farah borrows from business a Go/No Go decision-making model that you can apply to your decision-making process related to getting the vaccine. Barry Farah provides the views and data of the opponents and proponents of vaccines. He also discusses how you can weigh each element of your decision.

Ridiculous Items Edition

By Censorship, COVID, Government, Racism, Vaccine

Episode #32 – In this episode, Barry Farah highlights more ridiculous items happening now. The Chinese government is launching an app that encourages and tracks snitching on those who aren’t obeying the government. Nextdoor is cracking down on what they define as “racism.” For the first time in 70 years, the National Day of Prayer was canceled from meeting at the United States Capitol. A renowned epidemiologist who was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize was banned. And who would have known that ice cream and other dairy products could be racist? Barry Farah explains these crazy and ridiculous items.

Vaccine Passports: With Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy

By COVID, Travel, Vaccine

Episode #30 – Vaccine passport initiatives are underway. Barry Farah mentions 18 initiatives in this episode. Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy joins Barry for this discussion on vaccine passports. Many countries are warming up to the idea, warning that those without a vaccine passport could be banned from many aspects of life, such as flying on commercial airlines, working, attending school, and more. There is pushback by some, like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Rachel Campos-Duffy challenges the imposition of passports, asserting that they could be a sign that social scoring, as found in China, would be utilized in the U.S. and other countries through the passports. Catch this full episode for all the details on the probability and problems of vaccine passports.