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An Economy that is Strong: The GOP Power Plan Part 1

By Economy, GOP

Episode #91 – For the first time in 28 years, the Republican House of Reps has gone public with their political plan. And, they are unified. They’re making a commitment to the American people. In this four-part series, Barry unfolds the four cornerstones of the GOP plan.

This episode zooms in on an Economy that is Strong. The GOP wants to reverse the recession and create the elements for economic prosperity once again.

The Great Inflation

By Economy, Inflation

Episode #56 – Inflation in the United States has skyrocketed in the last year. The current state of the economy impacts every single American. In this episode, Barry Farah provides an overview of the history and source of inflation and why you need to know.

Biden Walks Away…Again

By COVID, Economy, Joe Biden, Military

Episode #55 – Time and time again, the world has watched Biden walk off stage after his speeches before answering any questions from the press. His turn-and-run approach has left important questions unanswered. In this satirical episode, Barry Farah presents hard-hitting questions and answers them as Biden might if the president engaged with the press.

Inflation Time Bomb

By Economy, Inflation, Politics

Episode #35 – In this episode, Barry Farah provides a powerful summary of the elements negatively affecting our economy right now. The average American is only just starting to feel the impact in their bank accounts. With rising prices, the cost of living is just beginning to shoot up. Barry ties these consequences to excessive government spending and pandering to Marxist ideology.

The Minimum Wage Myth

By Economy, Government

Episode #20 – In this episode, Barry Farah provides insight into why a nationally set minimum wage does not help entry-level workers. Barry discusses how the percent of employees in the workforce that are at the minimum wage level has steadily declined for decades and now only represents 1.9% of workers. Barry Farah gives detailed information on what many on Capitol Hill call a “huge problem” is only applicable to 1.9% of today’s workers. Barry gives numerous examples of why a federally mandated minimum wage will hurt businesses, will not help employees, and is a solution in search of a problem.

The Mayflower Compact and Small Business Success

By Economy, Small Business, Success

Episode #13 – In this episode, Barry Farah tells the story of the Mayflower Compact, who wrote it and why. The Compact was to be signed by those on the Mayflower who wished to remain in the New World. The Mayflower Compact uniquely implemented the concept of equal treatment for all under the law. This idea enabled a whole new way of life and doing business in this New World and ultimately influenced our Constitution. Barry Farah describes how unique America has been in the world in respecting private property rights. This led to unprecedented legal immigration for decades as people sought the opportunity that could only be found in this America. Barry Farah conveys the government’s recent shift toward picking winners and losers in the marketplace during the COVID-inspired shutdowns. Barry expresses the need for our country to find its way back, allowing small companies to have the same access and equal treatment, which led to our success in the first place.

What Happened to GameStop?

By Economy, GameStop

Episode #11 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about economic freedom in light of a recent development related to short selling. Short selling is for sophisticated investors who are aware of the exorbitant risks. But, even in this risky territory, longterm a free market is best for the everyday person. The Bible speaks to economics extensively. Jesus talked about money more than any other topic except the kingdom of heaven. Extensive empirical evidence points to economic freedom improving the lives of every community it touches. There are four components to freedom economics. When one or more is crimped by government overreach it adversely impacts everyone. When economic freedom prevails it serves other freedom rights.

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