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Gen Z

Can Gen Z turn pro-life?

By Abortion, Gen Z

Episode #77 – 71% of Gen Zers, ages 9 through 24, think abortion is morally acceptable.  So how do you influence a Gen Zer who is pro-abortion? In this episode, Barry looks at the subject of abortion through the lens of a typical Gen Zer and gives practical advice for engaging with this young generation.

GenZ! Here’s how you can run for office NOW

By Gen Z, Politics

Episode #38 –

In this episode, Barry Farah interviews Joe Oltman, elected to the Iowa State Legislature at the age of 21. Joe Mitchell, the founder of GenZ, ran for state house in Iowa beat the GOP establishment favored candidate in the primary by putting in the work. He knocked on doors and made calls while his opponent banked on name ID. Joe tells Barry Farah that when he was talking to voters at the doors he heard over and over again, “My generation has screwed everything up so we will give you a shot.” Joe won by 100 votes and decided to found RunGenZ to help young adults around the country run for office. Supported by Turning Point USA, RunGenZ also provides training and preparation for those who want to run. To learn more about how RunGenZ pulls this off, listen to this podcast and share it with your friends.