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How to Pull Off a Mediocre Win: Barry’s 2022 Election Analysis

By GOP, Government, Liberty, Politics

Episode #96 – In this last election, the Republicans only managed out a small majority in the House and did not regain the Senate. How do you have everything in your favor and blow a lead that bad? This is even after the Democrat’s one-party rule for the past two years has resulted in a government detached from its citizens, an education system that confuses our kids, left-wing politically driven censorship, excessive use of force, massive trouble at the border, rising crime, and a decline in our nation’s security. In this episode, Barry takes a deeper look at the factors contributing to the 2022 election results.

A Government that is Accountable: The GOP Power Plan Part 4

By GOP, Government

Episode #94 – One-party Democrat rule for the past two years has resulted in a government that is detached from its citizens and hungry for power. The IRS is raising up an army of new agents to glean money from average citizens. The FBI has forcibly targeted segments of U.S. citizens. The Republicans want to restore government balance and protect citizens’ rights. In this episode, Barry unpacks part four of the GOP Power Plan.

An Economy that is Strong: The GOP Power Plan Part 1

By Economy, GOP

Episode #91 – For the first time in 28 years, the Republican House of Reps has gone public with their political plan. And, they are unified. They’re making a commitment to the American people. In this four-part series, Barry unfolds the four cornerstones of the GOP plan.

This episode zooms in on an Economy that is Strong. The GOP wants to reverse the recession and create the elements for economic prosperity once again.