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H.R.1 and the End of the Republic

By Freedom, H.R.1

Episode #21 – In Episode 21 of Culture Shift, Barry Farah dives into the details of H.R. 1 making clear that it is a direct assault on our Constitutional Republic. This bill is positioned by its Democrat sponsors as an effort to secure election integrity. Barry explains how instead H.R. 1 undermines election integrity and gives the federal government unconstitutional power in elections that belongs to the states. Barry reflects on the views of the founders as they hammered out the constitutional provisions for elections and why they still matter. Allowing illegal immigrants to vote and a plethora of questionable if not unethical provisions related to mail ballots are just a few items Barry Farah explains. Barry makes clear that a “no” vote in the U.S. Senate is the only way to go on H.R. 1.