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How to Pull Off a Mediocre Win: Barry’s 2022 Election Analysis

By GOP, Government, Liberty, Politics

Episode #96 – In this last election, the Republicans only managed out a small majority in the House and did not regain the Senate. How do you have everything in your favor and blow a lead that bad? This is even after the Democrat’s one-party rule for the past two years has resulted in a government detached from its citizens, an education system that confuses our kids, left-wing politically driven censorship, excessive use of force, massive trouble at the border, rising crime, and a decline in our nation’s security. In this episode, Barry takes a deeper look at the factors contributing to the 2022 election results.

Freedom to Convert: Interview with Dr. Mark Christian

By Christianity, Liberty

Episode #95 – Dr. Mark Christian’s father attempted to murder him after he converted from Islam to Christianity. In this episode, Barry interviews him about his story, his perspective on the influence of Islam around the world, and the topic of freedom of religion. This interview is an encouragement for listeners to walk in courage and truth.

Your Citizen Mandates that Uphold Pillars of Freedom #7: Your Right to Liberty

By Freedom, History, Liberty

Episode #71 – In the seventh episode of the Citizen Mandate mini-series, Barry unpacks the history of what led the founders to build the foundational pillar of liberty. a powerful talk. Along the way, learn about the classical approach to education, the history of the tyrant, Oliver Cromwell, and the fascinating lineage of George Washington.

This mini-series covers the important topic of citizen mandates that lay the foundation upon which freedom is built in the United States. Citizen mandates are the implicit or explicit command of the people to the government.