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Biden Walks Away…Again

By COVID, Economy, Joe Biden, Military

Episode #55 – Time and time again, the world has watched Biden walk off stage after his speeches before answering any questions from the press. His turn-and-run approach has left important questions unanswered. In this satirical episode, Barry Farah presents hard-hitting questions and answers them as Biden might if the president engaged with the press.

Afghanistan: Why The World Just Got More Dangerous

By Afganistan, Military, Politics

Episode #49 – In this episode, Barry Farah unpacks the history and current events surrounding the crisis in Afghanistan. Barry will educate you on the impact of Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. military from Afghanistan and why the world just got more dangerous. This episode outlines future political engagement strategies with this country and the potential outcomes associated.

Warning for America! 120+ Former Military Officers Speak Out

By Government, Joe Biden, Military, POTUS

Episode #34 – In this episode, Barry Farah describes the dangerous downward slide in America with a POTUS whose faculties are in question and whose responses to national and world disorder are weak. What does this mean for America? Listen to what over 100 former top military brass have to say but this and other grave concerns for our country. Barry Farah brings the challenge of how you can stand your ground in the battle for the American way.