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How to Pull Off a Mediocre Win: Barry’s 2022 Election Analysis

By GOP, Government, Liberty, Politics

Episode #96 – In this last election, the Republicans only managed out a small majority in the House and did not regain the Senate. How do you have everything in your favor and blow a lead that bad? This is even after the Democrat’s one-party rule for the past two years has resulted in a government detached from its citizens, an education system that confuses our kids, left-wing politically driven censorship, excessive use of force, massive trouble at the border, rising crime, and a decline in our nation’s security. In this episode, Barry takes a deeper look at the factors contributing to the 2022 election results.

Do Democrats Want One-Party Rule? Interview with Jimmy Page

By Politics

Episode #90 – In a recent speech, Biden demeaned Americans who did not vote for him. His tactics remind us of methods used by dictators in the 20th Century, raising the question, “Do Democrats want one-party rule?” Barry Farah interviews Jimmy Page, Founder of Unstoppable Freedom, discussing topics that include the state of education, media, censorship, and corporations in the United States.

Why Filibuster???

By Government, Politics

Episode #82 – Democrats are mad. They can’t get some of their radical legislation passed because the Republicans are filibustering. In their frustration, Democrats want to change the rules of the filibuster. But changing the rules may backfire as we will discover in this episode. What is the filibuster and why is it so powerful? Barry unpacks the topic in this episode.

How to Paint a Blue State Red: Replicating the Youngkin Victory

By Elections, Politics

Episode #57 – In the traditionally blue state of Virginia, Republican Glenn Youngkin won an unexpected, powerful victory in the election for governor on November 2, 2021. In this episode, Barry Farah outlines the key strategies of Youngkin’s campaign that launched him into political success. Barry challenges the Republican party to learn from Youngkin’s victory, implement his campaign strategies, and turn more blue states red.

Afghanistan: Why The World Just Got More Dangerous

By Afganistan, Military, Politics

Episode #49 – In this episode, Barry Farah unpacks the history and current events surrounding the crisis in Afghanistan. Barry will educate you on the impact of Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. military from Afghanistan and why the world just got more dangerous. This episode outlines future political engagement strategies with this country and the potential outcomes associated.

GenZ! Here’s how you can run for office NOW

By Gen Z, Politics

Episode #38 –

In this episode, Barry Farah interviews Joe Oltman, elected to the Iowa State Legislature at the age of 21. Joe Mitchell, the founder of GenZ, ran for state house in Iowa beat the GOP establishment favored candidate in the primary by putting in the work. He knocked on doors and made calls while his opponent banked on name ID. Joe tells Barry Farah that when he was talking to voters at the doors he heard over and over again, “My generation has screwed everything up so we will give you a shot.” Joe won by 100 votes and decided to found RunGenZ to help young adults around the country run for office. Supported by Turning Point USA, RunGenZ also provides training and preparation for those who want to run. To learn more about how RunGenZ pulls this off, listen to this podcast and share it with your friends.