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By Sports, Transgender

Episode #37 – Barry Farah is joined by women’s sports expert and Idaho State Rep. Barbara Ehardt to discuss why biological males do not belong in women’s sports. Rep. Ehardt, a former women’s sports coach, presents scientific data related to the DNA and physiology that reveal an unequivocal unfair advantage of biological males competing in women’s sports. Barry Farah discusses with Rep. Ehardt her groundbreaking legislation to prevent this unfair advantage and to allow females to earn the wins they’ve fought for throughout their school years and beyond in sports. Rep. Ehardt shares how several other states have joined in the effort to pass similar legislation.


The Equality Act: Transgender and You

By The Equality Act, Transgender

Episode #19 – In this episode, Barry Farah breaks down House Bill 5, known as the Equality Act. The Equality Act does a search and replace on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, swapping LGBTQ rights for minority rights mentioned in the 1964 Act. But it goes beyond the Civil Rights Act to grant not only equal rights, but special rights. Barry Farah explains how the Equality Act, under the guise of removing discrimination against the LGBTQ community, infringes on the freedoms of others. Barry describes how the Equality Act effectively ends women’s sports as biological males who identify as trans or female must be allowed to compete in women’s sports, for example. It would require businesses and nonprofits to hire trans individuals for reasons other than being qualified for the job. Barry Farah shows how the Department of Justice would be empowered to enforce these requirements. In addition, if passed into law, the Equality Act would do away with the Religious Freedom Act’s protection of faith-based organizations and churches, requiring that they hire people from the LGBTQ community regardless of whether they are aligned with the theology of these institutions. Barry Farah suggests that the Equality Act also discriminates against biological females by requiring that public restrooms or locker rooms be open for use by biological males who identifies as female, regardless of safety and privacy concerns. Barry Farah asserts that the rights afforded to all Americans should be experienced by members of the LGBTQ community, without granting special rights or taking away the rights of others.