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Barry’s Books

How do you keep your team energized to proactively focus on the customer? Go Ahead!: Unleash a Contagious Customer Success Culture provides a road map to unleash a customer success culture that is self-perpetuating. It is contagious because it rewards inventive approaches and it grants real authority to solve problems. Fueled by purpose not rules, these concepts protect your business from disruption and the tools provided build a mindset that deepens customer loyalty.  Your company’s value will increase, when the entire organization is inspired to listen to the customer with vigor.

“Barry provides an expansive seven-part definition to distinguish between customer service and customer success. It comes down to energy, passion, and preparation. It’s a great mindset for any business or organizational leader to have. This is a fun, fast, inspiring, and informative read. I recommend it.”
— Doug Ducey, two-term Governor of Arizona and former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery

In Barry’s book, The Magic Wand, the protagonist, Brad Anderson, used to have the Midas touch. Those days are long gone when he discovers that he has one week to save his job and pull the company’s largest client out of a tailspin. With the help of a mysterious new mentor, Brad is taken on a whirlwind journey and absorbs the five Secrets to Exceptional Customer Experience. And he learns how to use the Magic Wand Question. With the Secrets in hand, he must find a way to fix a client relationship from imploding in on itself.

“If you’re struggling to figure out why your business/job/life is stuck in a rut, read this book! It’s a quick read with fantastic ideas on how to provide exceptional customer service. Farah’s 5 secret questions will unlock your success! It did for me!”
— By S.L. (Amazon Review)

Barry guides his business ventures around the vision articulated in his book Customer Success (Baron Books, 1998). The book distinguishes between the reactionary tendencies of customer service and the proactive superiority of customer success.

“Is there a “six-star” category? To compare Farah’s theories and apparent practice to the “customer service” I typically receive seems unfair to Mr. Farah and this landmark work. I am glad that Farah renamed the concept and hope that this term will catch on. This primer on serving customers with a constant eye toward helping them succeed is critical to anyone operating a business that has customers! After reading this book, I recently threw out most of my business books full of well-worn sermons on reacting to customers’ needs. I have tried many of Farah’s strategies, and found that they work! I heartily endorse this book for anyone in any business of any type.”
— (Amazon Review)