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Can Gen Z turn pro-life?

By Abortion, Gen Z

Episode #77 – 71% of Gen Zers, ages 9 through 24, think abortion is morally acceptable.  So how do you influence a Gen Zer who is pro-abortion? In this episode, Barry looks at the subject of abortion through the lens of a typical Gen Zer and gives practical advice for engaging with this young generation.

How a Hollywood PR Campaign Helped Legalize Abortion

By Abortion, History

Episode #75 – The era leading up to the 1972 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion was riddled with lies pertaining to abortion. Leading the charge was journalist and activist, Larry Lader, and medical doctor, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who saturated the media with propaganda. In this episode, dive deeper into the turning tide of public opinion on the subject of abortion.
This episode is part of Barry’s series on abortion. For the last episode, “How Abortion Became Illegal in All 50 States,” visit

How Abortion Became Illegal in All 50 States

By Abortion, History

Episode #74 – Abortion was controversial way before the 1973 decision that legalized this practice. Throughout history, there have been divided opinions about the morality of abortion. The legality of the practice has varied in the United States, from Colonial times into the modern day. In this episode, Barry dives into the philosophy and history that led up to the 1910 decision to make abortion illegal in all 50 states.

The Texas Heartbeat Law and our Family Adoption Story

By Abortion, Adoption

Episode #50 – In this episode, Barry Farah explains how Texas recently passed the most pro-life, anti-abortion law in the nation. The legislation was introduced in the Texas legislature, passed into law in May and the Supreme Court affirmed that the law will stand. Barry describes the implications of this law and the powerful opportunity that women with unplanned pregnancies have to choose life and adoption for their child. Barry and Tamra Farah share their personal family story of adoption and the joy they share with their children because their bio moms had the courage to choose life.