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Barry Farah

Do Democrats Want One-Party Rule? Interview with Jimmy Page

By Politics

Episode #90 – In a recent speech, Biden demeaned Americans who did not vote for him. His tactics remind us of methods used by dictators in the 20th Century, raising the question, “Do Democrats want one-party rule?” Barry Farah interviews Jimmy Page, Founder of Unstoppable Freedom, discussing topics that include the state of education, media, censorship, and corporations in the United States.

China’s Abusive Leader

By China, Communism, Dictators

Journey with Barry into the political landscape of China in this fascinating episode. The Xi led Chinese Communist Party clings to its zero Covid policy while the rest of the world moves on. This policy mandates compliance of 1.4 billion people. Covid is just one of the facades Xi is using to abusively control the Chinese.

Excellent Leadership

By Leadership

Episode #87 – The fourth in this leadership series, Barry unpacks excellent leadership. He reveals strategic time management through the Eisenhower Matrix, solid decision-making through the problem-solving schematic, and behavior management of an excellent leader.

Effective Leadership

By Leadership

Episode #86: Effective leadership is the ability to get things done through others. How does this work and how do grow in this skill set? In this third episode in the leadership series, Barry discusses how to increase productivity and performance in your leadership arenas.

Artful Leadership

By Leadership

Episode #85 – Part two of this leadership series covers the principles of an artful leader and the seven leadership styles. Artful leadership is practicing the nuance required at the right time to effect positive change with intentional influence. Barry also unpacks the seven leadership styles and challenges you to evaluate your own leadership style in your field of influence.

Authentic Leadership

By Leadership

Episode #84 – Here is a way to not take yourself too seriously while concurrently seeking to improve your leadership skills. In the first episode of this leadership series, Barry provides tools to unpack the core of what it means to be an authentic leader. Through this episode, understand the functions of leadership and evaluate your own personal leadership strengths.

Why Filibuster???

By Government, Politics

Episode #82 – Democrats are mad. They can’t get some of their radical legislation passed because the Republicans are filibustering. In their frustration, Democrats want to change the rules of the filibuster. But changing the rules may backfire as we will discover in this episode. What is the filibuster and why is it so powerful? Barry unpacks the topic in this episode.