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Is Big Tech the New Thought Police?

By Big Tech, Freedom

Episode #8 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the rise of big tech surveillance and the control over free speech. Speech that incites violence and violates the law, is not acceptable. But censoring people based on varying beliefs and opinions is unAmerican. Barry Farah describes the major novels of the 20th century that have warned us about the dangers of the thought police that participated in the horrific dictatorships of the 20th century. In a political state where thoughts are monitored, controlled, and silenced, people are forced to submit to the ideas of those in power or suffer grave consequences. In this episode Barry Farah investigates the history of totalitarian regimes and their efforts to censor speech. And some of these regimes exist in our world today, but have no place in America. Join us today as Barry Farah discusses the importance of the freedom right to share your ideas freely.

Free to Assemble Peaceably

By Freedom, Government

Episode #5 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the freedom right to peaceably assemble enshrined in the First Amendment and the events that took place recently at the U.S. Capitol. The right to peaceably assemble was first asserted by the colonists when the British attempted to suppress this right. This eventually led to its incorporation into our Constitution. Barry Farah describes why peaceable assembly is good no matter how distasteful the ideas being promoted. Granting all people the right to share their ideas allows the best ideas to win. Barry Farah also outlines in this episode the recent events at the U.S. Capitol and describes how peaceful protesters were joined by those with a more violent intent. Join us on today’s episode as Barry Farah describes how peaceable assemblies, not violent ones, are the pathway to expressing our grievances. Check it out on your favorite podcast platform.

The Power of Free Speech

By Cancel Culture, Free Speech, Freedom, Politics

Episode #3 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry talks about the first two freedom rights within the first amendment: the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. When it comes to sharing ideas, the “cancel culture” phenomena has already begun muting our abilities to speak freely. Yet, the power to speak is one of the greatest gifts God gave us, because it’s one of his greatest strengths. When God created everything, he did so not by physical exertion, but by speaking. As humans made in the image of God, we bear that same power. I hope you enjoy today’s episode as we discuss the harm in repressing speech and endorsing dishonest journalism. Without the freedom of speech, we will not only cease to live in a government ordered by the people, but it will remove the God-given power of spreading our own ideas.

Who Invented Freedom?

By Freedom, Politics

Episode #2 – Today on Culture Shift, Barry talks about the author of freedom: God. The freedom to practice your own beliefs is necessary for a society to accurately be called “free.” The founding fathers borrowed from the biblical phrase, “Thou Shalt Not” to construct the first amendment, which begins “Congress shall make no law…”Come along to find out why the government needs to get out of the business of restricting religious freedom — and all of our other freedoms as well.