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Ridiculous Items Edition

By Censorship, COVID, Government, Racism, Vaccine

Episode #32 – In this episode, Barry Farah highlights more ridiculous items happening now. The Chinese government is launching an app that encourages and tracks snitching on those who aren’t obeying the government. Nextdoor is cracking down on what they define as “racism.” For the first time in 70 years, the National Day of Prayer was canceled from meeting at the United States Capitol. A renowned epidemiologist who was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize was banned. And who would have known that ice cream and other dairy products could be racist? Barry Farah explains these crazy and ridiculous items.

Leftist Bias & Persecution in Schools: GenZ Interviews

By Cancel Culture, Censorship, Persecution

Episode #26 – Barry Farah interviews six student leaders at Turning Point USA’s 2020 Student Action Summit. These GenZ leaders share their experiences of being persecuted for their conservative beliefs. Teachers and administrators in public schools across the country dox and shame these students while openly embracing and promulgating leftist ideology and canceling conservative and Christian ideas and lifestyle. You won’t want to miss these stories the stories of these student leaders who stand strong in the face of this opposition.

Canceled! Professors Censor Melissa

By Censorship

Episode #16 – Barry Farah continues interviews with the next generation of leaders at the TPUSA Student Action Summit in 2020 discussing a range of topics including education, the media, faith and freedom of religion. Barry interviewed Melissa who is from Florida who is 23. Melissa was a broadcast journalist major and shares how she was censored in college by her professors. Barry Farah and Melissa discuss her stance in favor of a robust discussion in the media in order to come to the knowledge of the truth.